Uncontested Divorce

Even uncontested divorce can be a trying experience for you and your family, particularly if children are involved. And it is important, to minimize problems later, to do it right today. That's why it is important to hire a lawyer you can trust.

Think of the settlement agreement in your uncontested divorce as a living document. The document must address issues that exist right now, and anticipate issues that may arise in the future. If there is a dispute in the future, the settlement agreement is the document you must turn to.

A simple process?

Anyone who tells you that uncontested divorce in Alabama is a simple process that anyone can handle themselves is wrong.

Avoid Down and Dirty Divorce Downloads

Too often, cheap online or standard form divorce agreements are slapped together by unskilled practitioners. We often get modification cases where the settlement agreement is missing or useless. The two parties must then re-litigate things that were hashed out long ago. This is irritating to both sides, who thought they were "done."

Other times, couples draft a homemade agreement and spend years getting the courts to approve it. Many uncontested divorces are dismissed daily by Alabama courts — even those filed by lawyers. The defects in the agreements are so bad sometimes that the papers can't be approved.

You get what they pay for: a cheap divorce today can be costly tomorrow.

That's why you need an attorney who has done this a thousand times, and knows the kinds of problems that may crop up later.

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