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Client Testimonials

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Recent Cases

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Family Law


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Divorce Lawyer for Alabama

Why are there divorce lawyers? To keep the pain of a very difficult process to a minimum and to present important and often complex information and facts to the court in the most positive light.

At The Oncale Firm, we view it as our mission to represent individuals in Shelby and Jefferson counties who are going through this painful process, to protect their interests and to make the process as free of delay and unnecessary emotion as possible.

Birmingham Divorce Lawyer With Niche Skills

Our firm helps people with contested and uncontested divorce, divorce appeals and divorce mediation and negotiation.

We also represent two special client profiles: individuals with complex property issues that need to be resolved in divorce, and service members, living here in Birmingham or deployed on foreign soil, who must now deal with the dissolution of marriage.

Child Custody Rights, Paternity Rights and the Rights of the Military

Intangibles are important when choosing a Birmingham divorce lawyer. The Oncale Firm has tried to create an environment where people feel comfortable, are able to talk about difficult matters and can get meaningful work done. We think of it as a family atmosphere.

This is no small thing. Many times we have heard stories from people whose lawyers were driven less by common sense and empathy than by their own ego ... who did not listen to their clients ... who did not even meet with them until the day of court proceedings! We Have a Better Idea: Working as a Team

We work hard to be on the same page as you, knowing what is important and what is not so important. We believe that for any representation to be successful, the client must lead in setting goals and plotting case strategies. Involvement is necessary whether it's a small, uncontested divorce case or a sprawling, complex high net worth divorce. Prospective clients should expect to do some of the work.

Experienced Birmingham Divorce Lawyer

If this sounds right to you ... if you want an attorney who knows divorce law and who knows the courts ... an attorney who will work with you to obtain the outcome you want ... call Shane Oncale of The Oncale Firm at 205-458-9805.

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