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Child Support Modification FAQs

Court orders often appear to be chiseled in stone, especially when you have gone through significant lengths to come up with a few important numbers: the number of hours you spend with your child, the amount of money you earn, the amount of money you or the other parent owes in child support. But what happens when life changes? Is it possible to modify your Alabama child support court order?

At The Oncale Firm, we have helped countless parents modify support orders as well as contest modifications. Please call 205-458-9805 to discuss your unique case and options with us in a free consultation.

When can someone modify child support in Alabama?

Under Alabama child support law, you can modify your support order if there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the time the order was put in place, such as:

  • Job loss, remarriage or other financial change
  • Relocation or another event affecting child custody and support
  • A change in the financial needs of the child

Who can petition the court to modify child support?

Either parent or the state can ask the court to modify child support. You may ask the court to provide you with more support or pay less support, depending on the change in circumstances.

How will the court determine a more appropriate support amount?

The court will do a similar analysis to what they did to determine your initial child support order. The judge will use the Alabama child support guidelines to determine how much support you or the other parent should be paying. Please note that, depending on both parents’ financial situations, you could end up paying more support even if you were asking to reduce the amount of support. We can help you determine if requesting a change in child support is the right thing to do.

How do I request a child support modification?

Our law firm can help you fill out and file the “Request to Change Child Support” and “Child Support Obligation Income Affidavit” forms required by the court.

You will also want to compile your financial information, including bank statements, pay stubs and W2s.

What happens after I file my request to change child support?

After you file your request to change child support with the court, the court will give the other parent your forms and let them know the court date. You and the other parent will attend a court hearing where you will have the chance to explain the change in circumstances.

After the hearing, the judge will make a decision. This can take some time, but you should receive a new order within 45 days of the hearing.

What happens if I stop paying child support?

You should continue to pay your full child support amount even if you are waiting for a court judgment. If you stop paying child support, you risk court action against you (this is called “contempt of court”).

Why should I work with The Oncale Firm for my child support modification?

At The Oncale Firm, we have helped countless people in your situation. We know Alabama’s child support modification laws in and out and can help you make the right decisions and take the right steps.

To arrange a free consultation at one of our convenient office locations, please send us an email or call 205-458-9805.