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Changing Child Support or Alimony

From birth, we must all deal with an unfortunate certainty, change. Whether dealing with issues of child supportchild custody or child visitation, there is no way possible that every conceivable circumstance can be addressed in any final judgment of divorce, regardless of how thorough that judgment may be. Furthermore, the court can only rule upon situations and circumstances that exist at the time the judgment is entered.

For that reason, much like the constitution, a final judgment of divorce or settlement agreement often has to become a living and breathing document. When faced with a substantial change in circumstances or events that affect your child, it is important to get legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity. Whether the change you are facing is the loss of a job, the remarriage of a parent, arrest, drug use or other inappropriate behavior by a parent or simply a change in the needs, wants or desires of a child, there are steps that can be taken at the earliest possible time that can save you time, money, inconvenience and uncertainty in the future.

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Negotiating Your Most Precious Asset, Your Children

At The Oncale Firm we have helped countless parents with problems such as those listed below:

  • Seek a modification of child support based upon a job loss, the birth of additional children, increase in income, financial setback, financial gain involving either you or the other parent of your child.
  • Seek a reduction in an alimony obligation due to a substantial change in either you or your ex-spouse’s financial situation.
  • Seek a change in child custody or child support or a modification of child visitation based upon the changing needs, wants and desires of your child.
  • Seek a change in child custody or child visitation based upon one parent’s desire to move.

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Putting Off the Need for Modification

Unfortunately, at The Oncale Firm, we hear from people every day who have put off addressing a need for a modification of their divorce decree. In most cases, there are justifiable excuses, such as they did not know a modification was necessary, they had a verbal or even sometimes written agreement with the other parent, they simply did not believe anything could be done or they simply hoped that the problems they or their ex-spouse were facing would clear up with time. Much like a healthcare situation, a family law issue does not generally get better with time, it only gets worse. If you are considering the need for a modification in child custody, child support or visitation, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Behind in Child Support Payments?

At The Oncale Firm, we regularly hear from individuals who are thousands of dollars behind in child support payments due to the loss of a job or an unexpected decrease in income. It is absolutely imperative that if you have experienced the loss of a job or decrease in income that affects your ability to pay your child support obligation that you seek representation immediately. Waiting to seek a modification can have a devastating effect on you financial. Under Alabama law, your child support obligation, in most circumstances, cannot be adjusted once the date set for payment has passed. In other words, once you owe a child support obligation, it cannot be reduced or eliminated, in most circumstances, even if there is good reason for the nonpayment, including loss of your job. The sooner a modification is filed on your behalf, the sooner the court can address your particular circumstances and consider a reduction in your child support or alimony obligation.

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