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Complex Property & Asset Protection Attorney

Divorce is not the only circumstance that leads to complex property and asset protection. It is often a part of complex estate planning for professionals, investors and individuals managing retirement benefits, disability benefits and pensions.

Alabama Complex Property Division Attorney

The Oncale Firm has extensive experience in areas of law besides divorce, including knowledge of real estate law and business law, which has been very useful to clients with complex legal problems.

Owners of commercial buildings or successful businesses come to us for help planning for the future. We help by fashioning business succession plans and strategies of charitable giving whose effect is to lower taxes.

But divorce is still the number one reason for complex property valuation and asset protection.

Guiding You Safely Through High Net Worth Divorce

When millions are at stake in a high net worth divorce, you don’t want just any divorce lawyer. You want an attorney experienced with high valued asset division, who respects what you have been able to build, and who is able to protect those assets from harm.

You want Shane Oncale of The Oncale Firm.

Asset Protection Attorney

For nearly two decades, attorney Shane Oncale has been assisting individuals handling complex divorce cases involving businesses, stock plans and substantial inheritances. He is called upon to manage complex property division, business valuation and professional practice valuation.

What clients want is simple. They want what they have built up with their own hands to continue to prosper. That is our goal, too. We appreciate that divorce often has the potential to harm or even destroy businesses. We make every effort to minimize these negative effects.

Shane Oncale is an experienced complex property division attorney – call The Oncale Firm at 205-880-0948 to arrange a free consultation.