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Contested Divorce Lawyers

In a contested divorce, unlike an uncontested divorce, the parties cannot agree on one or more issues and need a court to decide those contested issues for them.

The issues involved often include possessions, assets, pensions, retirement, assets, high net worth, complex or difficult-to-divide assets, significant earnings, investment, retirement, pensions, military retirement, child support and visitation, division of property, child support and alimony. It can be very difficult if not impossible for people facing these issues, due to financial concerns, deep beliefs or attachment to settle these issues on their own and the intervention of a third party in the way of a trial court judge to make these decisions for them in necessary.

A Proven Experienced Trial Lawyer for Your Contested Divorce

The odds that a divorce or a family law case will result in trial are increased greatly if these issues are involved:

If your case involves any of these issues, you need a law firm that is adept at addressing these complications. Contact us today or call us for a free consultation at (205) 880-0948.

We are a full-service family law firm that tries divorce cases in Alabama on a weekly basis. We are no stranger to the courtroom and believe in aggressive and thorough preparation of your case for trial. Your case may ultimately settle but the odds are higher that it will if the other side knows you are ready and willing to push the case to trial if necessary.

Divorce and Child Custody Dispute Attorney

The Oncale Firm has handled every kind of contested divorce case. Some of these cases involved:

  • High net income, high net worth, business owners, professionals, executives or others where an asset valuation, business valuation or attempts to identify and locate assets were necessary
  • Executives, business owners, professionals and other high net worth or significant income earners with complex assets
  • Major disagreements about child custody, child visitation, child support or alimony/spousal support
  • Allegations of wrongdoing, including adultery, abandonment, emotional or mental cruelty, drunkenness, drug use, spousal abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse
  • Parental alienation that impacted child custody and visitation
  • Military or government retirement benefits or pensions

What’s the Biggest Mistake a Client Facing Divorce can Make?

Assuming that the case will settle.

We at The Oncale Firm encourage negotiation and mediation, collaborative divorce and alternative dispute resolution as valid ways to maintain control, avoid delays and save money while still resolving a contested divorce.

But… we prepare each and every case as if it is going to be tried. This assertive attitude has served our clients well for many years. Even when a trial is not what you want, it is important that your case be prepared aggressively — as if going to trial is inevitable.

Shane Oncale is an experienced contested divorce attorney. Call The Oncale Firm at (205) 880-0948 to arrange a free consultation.

“Aggressive” does not mean being confrontational, abusive or nasty. It means that you must do the work: gathering evidence, taking the testimony and locating the necessary documents. Some firms skip one or more of these steps. The Oncale Firm never does. Shane Oncale works on every contested divorce personally. He works long hours to give you the outcome you deserve.

Respected Contested Divorce Attorney for Alabama

Do not be caught flatfooted and unprepared for the trial of a contested divorce! If you think that your divorce will have to be tried, contact us today or call (205) 880-0948 to request a free consultation.