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A DYI divorce won’t provide complex property protection

While the do-it-yourself craze can be good for a number of projects, applying that line of thinking to divorce may not be the wisest decision for Alabama couples. While a DYI divorce may seem simple, straightforward and cost-effective, this type of divorce may not offer the complex property protection most divorce cases could benefit from. Here are a view things to consider when deciding what type of divorce to pursue.

A DYI divorce can offer a simple division of property and basic custody and support arrangements. For those who need individualized support and custody arrangements, this type of divorce may not allow for that. Financially speaking, this type of divorce doesn’t typically allow for the division of pensions and retirement accounts. So, those utilizing this type of divorce could be walking away from a significant amount of money. While a do-it-yourself divorce may be less expensive to file, it can end up costing a lot in the long-run.

Divorce cases are not as simple as they may seem at the beginning, and emotions can take over, often leading to costly mistakes. An experienced family law attorney can help couples come to terms that leave each individual with a fair settlement on child custody, support agreements and asset and/or property division. While working through a traditional divorce can take time, doing so can ensure all legal bases are covered and nothing is overlooked.

A divorce attorney can help Alabama couples remain focused on the task at hand and reach a detailed divorce settlement. This type of settlement can include individualized custody and support arrangements, along with much-needed complex property protection. While it is understandable that most couples just want to finalize a divorce as quickly as possible, taking the time to ensure nothing has been left out will be well-worth it in the end.

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