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David Cassidy and wife to divorce

David Cassidy, former star of “The Partridge Family,” has been in the news for his legal troubles lately. Cassidy appears to be going through a very public struggle with alcoholism, and he was recently arrested for drunk driving – making it his third DUI arrest. Cassidy is now reportedly undergoing rehab, and it has just been reported that his wife has filed for divorce. While we do not know what prompted this divorce, this is nonetheless a reminder that alcoholism and drug addictions are a major cause of divorce.

Cassidy and his wife had been married for almost 30 years, according to news reports. The two have one adult child together. As such, property division will likely be the most challenging legal issue in this divorce. When people divorce after lengthy marriages, the division of property can be quite complicated because the assets are very deeply intermingled.

Property division can also be particularly complex for high net-worth couples, but little has been reported about the financial picture of the Cassidy family.

Here in Alabama, the law maintains that marital property and assets are be divided fairly and equitably upon divorce. This does not mean that property and assets must be split in half, which is what is called for in community property states.

In order to ensure that assets are divided fairly and in a way that protects one’s current and future financial needs and priorities, it is important to seek family law counsel during divorce. The division of property involves many tax concerns and technical issues, and it is very wise to protect one’s best interests by seeking advice from a reputable attorney.

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