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Divorce increased when Alabama spouses are ill

After couples walk down the aisle, they promise to stay together in sickness and in health. Throughout the years, however, that has not always been the case, and studies suggest that Alabama marriages are likely to end in divorce when the wife becomes ill. The study involved 2,717 couples conducted by a university.

The new study suggests that older couples are at an increased risk for divorce when the wife experiences health complications. Reportedly, approximately 75 percent of marriages that involve a sick spouse ultimately end. A majority of these illnesses that resulted in separation were lung disease and heart disease. Other illnesses included were cancer and stroke. In spite of men being more likely to become ill than women, divorces are apparently more likely to occur when the wives get sick.

Although the exact reason for the gender discrepancies are unclear, it is believed that men are not fully equipped for care-giving under social norms. It is also equally possible for ill women to initiate a divorce due to the belief that their husbands are not giving them the care they need. The findings of the study are set to be announced at the Population Association of America’s annual meeting.

Divorce can already be a difficult event for spouses to go through. It is likely even more difficult for Alabama spouses who are separated due to an illness. While recovering from illness, spouses may find comfort in exploring legal options to protect their interests. The family court system typically handles these types of cases to ensure a clean and fair divorce.

Source: TIME, “Couples Are More Likely to Get Divorced if the Wife Gets Sick”, Alexandra Sifferlin, May 1, 2014