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Divorce parties are on the rise

In regard to ending marriage, divorce parties have been increasing in popularity. The average divorce party in Alabama can cost approximately $25,000. Instead of moping around, recently divorced individuals have started to celebrate their newfound freedom.

Specialists, including bakers and event planners, have observed the increase in divorce parties throughout the years. People getting a divorce have used different cake themes, including brides with weapons and black frosting on the cakes. In some cases, former brides do the opposites of what they did on their wedding day by having comments on their cakes saying “just divorced” or “free at last.” Surprisingly enough, some individuals will go all out to order an actual wedding cake to help celebrate.

A marketing professor has attended quite a few divorce parties and even had one of his own that was co-hosted with his ex-wife. He refers to this as conscious uncoupling, and the ex-wife baked a gluten-free cake with lemon, which both of them considered their favorite flavor. They wanted to celebrate that they were moving on from their relationship into co-parenting and continuing to work together in a business.

As emotional as divorce is, it does not have to be considered a life’s ruin. It can be considered a time to celebrate one’s freedom and to move on to the next chapter in someone’s life. Divorce parties allow Alabama couples to celebrate the end of their marriage and express it just as they did the day they got married. Even more so, it’s important for parents to set their negative emotions aside for the greater good of the children.

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