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Emotional abuse may be more common than people think

Domestic violence is a serious issue for people living in Alabama and elsewhere. Whether an individual is a victim of abuse or accused of abuse, it can have a huge impact on their life.

According to one source, emotional abuse is the most common type of abuse. One physician says that in terms of a person’s overall well-being, living with an emotionally abusive person can be the worst thing for them to experience. In some cases, those who are abused may start viewing themselves as a victim, which could impact a person’s sense of power and their sense of self.

There are different forms of abuse and people of all ages, levels of income and education can experience it.

Emotionally abusive people will often criticize their partner, call them names and put them down in front of other people. They may be dishonest and isolate their partner from friends and family. Although these types of behaviors are not against the law, it could lead to physical abuse or leave the victim with depression.

Victims of emotional abuse may find it helpful to ignore the behaviors. Others may find it best to confront their abusers. People may find it best to seek outside help, whether by themselves or as a couple.

Domestic violence can be a large factor when a couple is going through the divorce process. Someone who has been abused may be able to file an at-fault divorce, which could impact spousal support and child custody.

Whether an individual is a victim of abuse or has been accused of abuse, it is often best to rely on an experienced attorney. An attorney can protect their client’s rights while working towards a resolution that is best for everyone involved.

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