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Family stays positive as daughter remains overseas after adoption

When couples here in Alabama or elsewhere make the decision to adopt a child, their readiness to love that child is awe-inspiring. Some of them already have biological children of their own, but they decide to complete their family through this wonderful event that can offer a child without a home a bright future. Some families make the choice to have an international adoption, but that process isn’t always an easy one, as one family has recently found out after adopting a little girl from overseas.

The family — who are from out of state — is sharing their experience with many others across the nation. They made the decision a couple of years ago to adopt a child internationally after adopting two sons here in the United States. Though the adoption has been completed and she is now legally their daughter, the girl’s home country has stopped issuing exit papers and have not given any indication that they intend to resume the process. The adoptions themselves have been allowed to continue, but none of the children are allowed to leave the country.

The girl’s parents have joined forces with advocacy groups who are working to lobby in Washington, D.C. to bring the children home. They understand that the home country is concerned for the children’s future well-being, but they are anxious to have their children. Some of the families have traveled to where their children are located until they are permitted to bring them home, but for many, this option is not feasible.

Despite the difficulty this family and others are having, they are optimistic that they will be able to bring their children to the United States soon. Those here in Alabama who may be considering any type of adoption will want to be well-educated on precisely what the process entails in order to be prepared for any obstacles that could arise. It has the potential to be one of the best choices a family can make for themselves and the new child they will love.

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