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New Alabama child safety law may have child custody implications

When relationships go sour, most individuals want nothing more than to avoid the other individual. This is often the case after Alabama spouses get a divorce as well, as more contact with an ex spouse can lead to further problems if the relationship is not well.

Of course, when ex spouses share children together, avoiding each other completely is often not an option. Whether it be through child custody exchanges or special events like birthday parties, weddings, etc., the parents have more opportunities to run into each other, which can cause more child custody issues as well.

Recently, the Alabama legislature enacted a law aimed at avoiding some child custody disputes, among other situations. The law makes it a felony to trespass on a school bus for any reason. This includes child custody disputes, as issues may arise when the child is transported to and from school.

It is not uncommon for a custody dispute to arise during a child custody exchange before or after school. This can make for a hostile environment for the child, which is why courts prefer to structure child custody exchanges to avoid such situations when possible.

In the event a dispute arises, parents might also seek a child custody modification. For instance, parents might seek to modify the schedule with the child in order to avoid future disputes, or even to protect the child’s safety where necessary. Under these circumstances, parents should work with a qualified attorney to determine how to best structure a child custody order, or whether a modification is necessary if an order is already in place.

Source: Dothan Eagle, “Several new laws benefit children,” July 11, 2013