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Obtaining a divorce without all the expense

When a marriage is coming to an end, spouses want to know their options for obtaining a divorce. While a divorce is necessary for many things, such as obtaining a fair property division of marital property, many Alabama spouses may understandably fear the costs of obtaining a divorce.

Fortunately, there are options for individuals to obtain a fair division of marital assets, while engaging in more cost-effective measures. For example, while some believe every divorce must go to court, this is not necessarily true, as other options exist that can help divide the property obtained during the marriage.

Settlement is always on the table, of course, if the spouses are able to work together to achieve a common result. Through effective negotiation from a qualified attorney, settlement can allow a spouse to obtain what he or she wants, without the expense of going through trial. The settlement can then be signed off on by the court, which completes the divorce process.

If settlement is not a possibility at the outset, other options exist, including mediation and alternative dispute resolution. These options may be less adversarial than trial, and they often encourage early settlement. These options also give the parties a more active role in the decisionmaking process, as opposed to letting a judge decide the property division.

Ultimately, settlement, mediation and alternative dispute resolution may be worth trying if couples believe they can resolve the property division through these options. If these attempts fail, the spouses can then pursue traditional litigation in court. Above all, individuals should work with their attorney to determine what options are appropriate in a particular case.

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