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Is divorce mediation in Alabama the right way to go?

Although divorce mediation is associated with benefits, couples should approach the decision to mediate their divorce with care.

Mediation is a process which allows divorcing couples in Alabama to work with a neutral mediator to come to a decision regarding subjects like child custody, property division and other divorce-related issues. Before couples begin the mediation process, it is important for them to remember that they cannot consult with the mediator, but instead need to turn to their own individual attorneys both during mediation and before the final divorce agreement is signed.

Benefits of mediation

Mediation can be beneficial for many divorcing couples for several reasons. For example, according to The Huffington Post, mediation allows spouses to choose the issues they want to discuss and come to an agreement on them. Instead of the court making decisions about child custody arrangements and which assets will be awarded to whom, couples have complete control over what occurs during divorce negotiations.

Additionally, mediation can contribute to a quicker divorce resolution. Instead of waiting for court dates to come up, spouses can coordinate their own calendars and may even be able to resolve their divorce within just a few sessions. In comparison to litigation, mediation is also more confidential. All documentation, communications and other notes used during the process are private and are not openly discussed in a court room in front of judges, court employees and other strangers.

Is mediation the right choice?

However, although mediation is a beneficial divorce resolution option for many couples, it is not always the right way to go for some. Couples embarking on the divorce process may benefit from choosing mediation over litigation if:

  • Both spouses have come to the conclusion that it is best to end their marriage and the decision is not one-sided.
  • Spouses desire to stay on good terms with each other after the divorce is finalized because they have children together, own a family business together or want to maintain their relationship for other reasons.
  • One spouse does not blame the other completely for their marriage going awry.
  • Both spouses feel confident and knowledgeable about the state of their joint finances.
  • Physical violence and drug and alcohol abuse are not an issue in their relationship.
  • One spouse does not feel like they are easily intimidated by the other.

Selecting which method to resolve issues during the divorce process often contributes to how easily divorcees are able to continue with their lives once the divorce agreement is finalized. Couples who are unsure of whether mediation may benefit them should contact an attorney who can provide information and legal guidance at this time.