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Sherri Shepard divorce lesson for Alabama spouses

Sherri Shepard is known for being on “The View,” a popular daytime talk show. Shepard and her husband got married back in 2011, and now just like any unhappy Alabama spouse, both partners in this relationship are ready for divorce. The soon-to-be-ex husband is requesting the court to grant him full custody of their unborn child.

Shepard reportedly filed for divorce, claiming irreconcilable differences, just weeks after her husband filed for legal separation. Although the couple has no children, they are expecting their first child with the help of a surrogate. The husband is requesting the court to grant him full custody of the unborn child and spousal support. Shepard claims that the husband has not stepped up to play a fatherly role.

The couple also has a prenuptial agreement, which the husband is asking to be voided due to alleged fraud. However, Shepard is asking for the prenup to be validated. According to the prenup, the husband would be entitled to receive $60,000 if the couple stayed married between two to five years.

Alabama marriages can end for many reasons, including infidelity or irreconcilable differences. Couples may often find themselves in a bitter divorce and child custody dispute. Such couples may benefit from going through alternative dispute resolution with a mediator to resolve the matter in an amicable way that is fair for both parties. If the couple is still unable to come to an agreement after mediation, then the family court system will decide if the prenup should be enforced and who should get custody.

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