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What can I do if my child support is too high?

Many parents in Alabama have been ordered to pay child support that becomes unfair or unmanageable for a variety of different reasons, including a job loss or an unexpected decrease income. The good news that it may be possible to modify a child support order so that a more reasonable amount can be paid.

The most important thing that someone in this situation can do is act. The court won’t modify the child support order on its own, it is up to you to ask the court for a child support modification and prove why it is necessary.

Because this isn’t always an easy thing to do, you will likely benefit from having an experienced family law attorney on your side.

According to state law, child support orders can be modified based on a significant change in circumstances, which could potentially include:

  • A job loss
  • An unexpected loss in income
  • Having additional children
  • The other parent getting a new job
  • Financial gains by the other parent
  • Other changes to either parent’s financial situation
  • Changes in custody

Time is of the essence when asking for a child support modification

In cases where a parent who cannot afford to keep up with child support payments simply does not pay without asking for a modification, his or her financial problems only get worse with time.

Even if you had a good reason for not paying, the court will not usually let you off of the hook for child support payments that have already come due.

The only thing you can do is ask for a modification and hope that your future obligations are lowered to an amount that you can afford. An experienced attorney can help.