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Alabama residents: is your ex hiding assets from you?

Alabama couples know that going through a divorce is hard enough on its own. However, when one spouse is not only uncooperative but also misleading, it can make the process all the more difficult.

This is especially true for a spouse attempting to collect alimony who must deal with the other spouse’s unethical and illegal behavior in hiding assets. While a judge has a great deal of discretion in ordering alimony, one major criterion is the parties’ relative income. When couples have complex financial situations, including multiple accounts, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the assets at stake.

For instance, a spouse may create phony debt, overpay the IRS or defer salary only to collect on these amounts after the divorce proceedings. A spouse could also set up other accounts that are difficult to find or even stash money in a hidden location. While this increases the burden on the spouse who is attempting to collect alimony, it is also illegal on the part of the spouse who has the obligation to pay.

For spouses dealing with an ex’s failure to pay alimony properly, they have certain options available. To begin, spouses should not spy or snoop on their former spouse in the hopes of discovering hidden assets as this could result in legal trouble. Rather, spouses should detail their known financial assets and liabilities. Although this can be difficult, in working with a qualified attorney, spouses can obtain and specify the proper financial documents and ensure they receive what they are due.

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