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Divorce ceremonies may offer couples a sense of closure

Most people in Birmingham spend months planning their wedding. They find the venue, the caterer and the big white dress. Despite the months of planning, many marriages don’t last these days. In fact, about 14 percent of Americans are divorced or separated, a 3 percent increase from 1990.

So much is put into a wedding. When the marriage ends, it may feel like it was all a waste of money. However, more and more people are turning to divorce ceremonies to finalize their split.

A divorce ceremony is not a legal part of the divorce. However, it may provide couples and their children with closure.

Some religions already conduct divorce ceremonies. For instance, those from the Jewish faith have a divorce ceremony called a “get” that is officiated by a rabbi.

People may choose to make a divorce ceremony a big event with lots of friends and family in attendance. Others may choose to make it more personal. Either way, it may be a way to show loved ones that the couple will remain civil even after the divorce is final.

Going through a divorce is never easy. The decision to pursue a divorce is a difficult one to make. It is often the result of months of turmoil. Many couples may try to work out their differences. However, for some, a divorce may be the best solution.

A divorce can quickly become tumultuous. Emotions often run high as couples try to come to an agreement on property division, child custody and child support. However, there are ways to make a divorce more peaceful. A divorce ceremony may be one route couples can take to achieve that peace.

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