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Estranged husband rejects divorce settlement from Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd and her estranged husband have been in the middle of a dispute over child custody and finances. Most Alabama fans are aware that Shepherd and her estranged husband enlisted a surrogate to carry their newborn baby boy. Shepherd recently offered him a divorce settlement for $100,000, but he refused.

According to reports, Shepherd’s estranged husband refused to accept a lump sum payment of $100,000. He also refused to accept $3,000 in monthly child support payments, even though the baby is not biologically Shepherd’s. Instead, the estranged husband is requesting $10,000 a month in child support payments. Shepherd has refused to pay the amount that her estranged husband is requesting.

The couple has a prenup, and under the terms, the estranged husband waived his rights to spousal support. In addition, Shepherd’s offer of the one-time payout is reportedly more than what he would have been entitled to receive based on the prenup. Shepherd claims that he was not honest with her in regard to the conditions of the surrogacy and his intentions of suing for child support.

Likely, the couple is not going to settle the divorce in an amicable manner, and it may lead to courtroom litigation. A family courtroom will determine if the prenup terms should be honored and to how much the estranged husband is entitled. Alabama couples that have found themselves in a bitter divorce battle may alleviate their frustrations by participating in mediation to avoid entering a courtroom. Mediation may also help spouses come to a resolution on most or all material matters.

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