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Former champ may lose driver’s license over child support

If an Alabama resident fails to comply with the law, serious penalties may follow. This can be particularly true when dealing with child support issues, where a host of penalties can await those who do not make court-ordered child support payments.

A recent example of this was provided by former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, who has been battling debt problems for years. Among Holyfield’s financial woes is well over $300,000 in child support he owes.

Based on Holyfield’s failure to pay child support, a child support agency may begin the process of suspending his driver’s license as a penalty. The issue will be addressed during an August hearing to see if Holyfield has made progress in his child support payments.

Holyfield’s case demonstrates the wide range of penalties available against those who fail to make child support payments. Federal and state laws set these penalties, which can include wage garnishment, seizing property or suspending driver’s or professional licenses.

While penalties like wage garnishment may directly target the payor’s money, other penalties like the driver’s license suspension serve to punish the individual for failing to make payments. The suspension is also geared at motivating the person to catch up on payments by imposing a penalty that is sure to impact their daily life.

Ultimately, the penalty imposed, if any, will vary depending on the circumstances of each case. Accordingly, those seeking child support from another should work with a qualified attorney to determine what enforcement means may be available in their case.

Source: News One, “Evander Holyfield to lose driver’s license over missed child support?,” May 28, 2013