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Jason Patric continues fight for child custody

Actor Jason Patric is involved in a custody battle over his son, and he recently made another court appearance. He has reportedly been alienated from his son for a substantial amount of time, and therefore he is also the founder of Stand Up for Gus. Similar organizations could help Alabama parents who are fighting for child custody.

Patric and his ex-girlfriend have been involved in a never-ending struggle over custody. The trial recently resumed, and a trial judge previously aborted it and forwarded it to the Court of Appeal. In the trial, the issue will be addressed as to whether Patric can establish himself as the child’s father. Reports indicate that Patric treated the boy as his own son and took him into his residence. Patric claims that he has not seen his son in 79 weeks.

The organization, Stand Up for Gus, has received a large amount of support from celebrities. The organization was founded to raise awareness regarding parental alienation. Since last year, the organization has been able to raise over $200,000, and $100,000 of it was given to a legal team to assist low-income parents who need legal assistance.

Unfortunately, many parents may use their children in order to hurt the other parent. By doing this, not only are they hurting the other parent, but they may also be hurting the children. The organization Stand Up for Gus raises funds for parents who are trying to keep a consistent relationship with their children. There may be similar programs available in Alabama to assist alienated parents in similar child custody cases.

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