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Sesame Street offers guidance to children of divorce

A favorite children’s program of Alabama residents is tacking a sensitive subject involved in many households. Sesame Street is debuting a series of videos aimed at helping children cope with the difficult topic of divorce. Many are heralding the popular program’s effort, which could help children and parents alike in dealing with contentious child custody issues.

The videos feature a character whose parents have gone through a divorce. Other characters, including Elmo, then counsel the young muppet and provide comfort as she goes through the difficult time. Ultimately, the support group assures the muppet that the divorce is not her fault, and her parents still love her.

Sesame Street has gone further by including tips for the parents who are going through a divorce, including a guide on how to help children through the divorce. Experts have applauded the program’s effort, and encourage parents to walk through the tools with their children.

The program highlights the difficulties imposed on children in a divorce. Parents can help their children by working positively through a custody dispute. For instance, any disagreements among parents should not be dealt with during child custody exchanges, when emotions can run high. Indeed, problems during child custody exchanges can affect the parents’ visitation and custodial rights.

Parents should keep in mind that the best interests of the child are paramount in any custody dispute. Accordingly, parents should work out their complex legal challenges through a qualified divorce attorney, who can best advocate for their interests while keeping the matter under control.

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