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Social media can be used against Alabama spouses in divorce

After a break-up, people tend to voice their frustrations on media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. As innocent as this act may seem, it’s not so innocent when Alabama spouses are in the middle of a divorce. These actions can result in negative consequences in the divorce process.

When spouses are in the middle of a divorce, social media posts can be used against them. Some spouses may try to get around this by blocking their exes, but that has proved to be ineffective since the exes may create a fake account. Once the exes have gained access to a timeline, they can simply take screenshots of the posts. Exes may think that they can simply delete the posts and pretend as if it never happened, but it can actually make matters worse.

Exes can also be mindful that they do not have to post something themselves for it to be used against them, particularly for child custody cases. An example is if a video was posted showing a kid playing on a trampoline. The other parent may use this as evidence of unfit parenting since it can be viewed as dangerous.

If a divorce is the only solution, it’s recommended that Alabama spouses try to have as much of an amicable divorce as possible, and there are ways to avoid having messy courtroom litigation. One way is mediation, which entails a third party sitting down with both spouses to come to an agreeable resolution for each issue. With collaborative law, the spouses and legal professionals work together as a team to reach an agreement instead of working against each other. Both of these solutions are great alternatives and can be done without having to enter a courtroom or engage in a bitter dispute.

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