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Why a ‘peaceful divorce’ doesn’t have to be an oxymoron

Let go and move on: It is very difficult to have a peaceful divorce if you are still living in the past, the writer said, and blaming yourself and your ex for what went wrong. The best way to move forward is by forgiving yourself, and your ex, and putting your energy toward a brighter future.

There are also divorce processes that can help you achieve a peaceful divorce, including mediation and collaborative divorce. These two processes are alternatives to the traditional litigation process and involve settling a divorce outside of the courtroom, often with less emotional turmoil.

In mediation, the parties use a neutral, third-party mediator who facilitates negotiations and helps keeps the parties focused on reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

In a collaborative divorce, the parties agree that they will not go to court, and they must find new representation if they decide if court is necessary. This ensures that both parties are fully invested in reaching an agreement.

Hopefully you are able to use this advice from the Huffington Post article as well as the right divorce process to help you create your own peaceful divorce.