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Why wealthy Alabama spouses enter in a prenuptial agreement

Till death do us part is not always guaranteed, especially since there is such a high divorce rate. Since the divorce rate is so high, it may have sparked a rise in a prenuptial agreement being entered into. Most Alabama spouses who enter into prenups are those wishing to protect their assets just in case a divorce happens.

One woman has almost $4 million in asset and is in a relationship with a man who has a great career and she plans on marrying him. She was married before until her husband died and now she’s wondering if she should get a prenup. When well-off people get married, they may encounter problems from family members who feel that they are entitled. Since there is a lot at stake, it’s recommended that the woman enter into a prenup and make sure it’s updated in the future.

The prenup should be thorough and secure for at least the first five to 10 years. When bringing up the subject of a prenup, it’s advisable to let the other spouse know that the agreement is to protect the relationship. Afterward, the spouses may come to a point in their marriage that they feel secure.

A prenuptial agreement can protect someone’s property and other assets in the event of a divorce. Well-written prenups may potentially reduce the amount of headaches and contentious battles in the long run. Those who fail to enter into prenuptial agreements may stand the risk of losing a substantial amount in hard-earned assets. It may be necessary to explore local divorce laws to make sure the agreements are legally binding and enforceable within the state of Alabama.

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