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Wife of former MLB star alleges domestic violence

For Alabama parents considering a divorce, the custody of the parent’s child is an utmost concern. Parents want to know what to expect in any custody determination, and what type of child custody order the court will enter. This is not always a straightforward inquiry, however, as there are a number of factors that can impact child custody issues.

One key factor is domestic violence in the family. For instance, a former Major League Baseball star, Andruw Jones, is facing allegations of domestic violence against his wife of 10 years. Jones’s wife claims he grabbed her neck and said he wanted to kill her, which lead her to file for divorce against the former player, and for him to be arrested on a battery charge.

The couple has a nine-year-old son, who may now become the subject of a child custody dispute between the couple. Jones’s wife is seeking custody, although it is unclear what action Jones will take himself.

Domestic violence is but one thing a court will consider in a custody determination, as it looks at a broad range of factors that seek to determine the best interests of the child. Everything from the parents’ medical history, to the emotional bond between the child and parents, to the parents’ ability to provide food and care to the child, is at issue.

One factor also looks at whether a parent has brought false claims of child abuse against the other parent, which provides some insight into how volatile custody disputes can become. Ultimately, these factors will vary case-by-case, and therefore it is essential to have effective legal representation to advocate on behalf of the parent.

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